Bhutan Festival Dates 2012

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Festivals of Bhutan are a must-see on all visitors list of things to do in Bhutan. Every temple in every village in every valley has its own festival, 100s of years old. Unlike festivals elsewhere, the festivals of Bhutan are almost always religious in nature, with mask dances as the predominant performance. If you are visiting Bhutan, you should time your visit with one of the festivals in our festivals list. The list has the all the major festivals in Bhutan.

The Village Hostess

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For the last 13 years, Jordhen has been entertaining guests in her old two-storied traditional house in Bangbangla village in Gongdue Gewog, Mongar. Her work is to feed guests coming to the Gewog, and also provide shelter, if they choose to stay at her house.

Jordhen is the village’s Tosop, a responsibility given by the local government.