Poor Toilets in Bhutan for Tourists

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Poor conditions of public toilets in Bhutan continue to irk visiting tourists.

The condition of existing public toilets in Bhutan has been questioned not only by tourists, but locals as well, over the years. It is still common today to find public toilets in a mess, clogged with sticks and stones, and with no running water, despite the existence of health ministry standards and guidelines.

Ecotourism Plans for Manas

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Bhutan boasts of having 26% of it’s total geographical land area under protected area networks which is the highest in Asia.

Amongst others, the Royal Manas National Park (RMNP) is one of the oldest protected area in Bhutan and shares a porous border with India’s Manas National Park and Tiger Reserve. With an area of 1059 sq km, the ecosystem in Manas ranges from tropical to subtropical.

Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail is National Butterfly of Bhutan

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Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail which is found only in Bhutan has been announce by the Cabinet as the National Butterfly of Bhutan. The Ludlow’s Swallowtail butterflies are found in Tobrang, a remote part of the Bumdelling Wildlife Sanctuary, Trashiyangtse, in the eastern region of the country.

Jomotshangkha Attracts Indian Tourists

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While tourists from all over the world visit Bhutan for cultural, environmental and other reasons, an old suspension bridge is the magnet that attract Indian tourists from the states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh to Jomotshangkha in Samdrup Jongkhar.

Popularly known as Bhairab Kunda, because of a lake at the edge of the rock where a Hindu Shiva Mandir temple stands today, tourists throng Jomotsangkha especially on the new year and other festive occasions. However, the lake has become history.