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There is an ethereal beauty to Bhutan that visitors just can’t get enough of.

It was just after 11pm, Wednesday, in the western town of Paro, Bhutan. It was also Ladies’ Night, and we were walking towards Destiny Club disco to celebrate the last night of our trip. Young girls in mini-skirts and heels overtook our big group, checked out our casual clothes and said: “Tourism day?”

Trongsa Museum – Popular Attraction in Trongsa

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Jerome Oregan and Alison Dyer is a couple from South Africa. This is the first time they are visiting Bhutan. They sit near the Taa Dzong (which houses the Museum of Monarchy) in Trongsa and watch birds before they begin their tour of the Museum. Jerome and Alison are here for few days. Like them there are many tourists visiting the museum ever since it was started in 2008. It has become one of the popular tourist destinations in Trongsa.

Attractions in Bumthang

Attractions, Destinations

Bumthang, considered by the Bhutanese as the spiritual heartland of Bhutan, has some of the most ancient and precious Buddhist sites. The age-old indegenious traditions are very much alive, and it is a unique example of original Himalayan culture which adds to the number of distinctive priceless assets of Bhutan. Bumthang is a must-vist destination if you have a week in Bhutan.