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Bhutan Tourism – The Ugly Side of Business

Bhutan tourism’s unique policy of “High Value, Low Impact” is indeed a priceless gift from our leaders and we must treasure it at any costs. For more than three decades after the inception of Bhutan’s tourism industry, this policy has contributed significantly in building an image for Bhutan as a most unique and exotic destination […]

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Increasing Number of Tour Guides in Bhutan

The Department of Tourism (DOT) in 2005 publicized Bhutan through media and various other promotional efforts like films and travel writings. These helped in attracting more tourists into the country. Despite the increasing number of tourists visiting our country, the number of guides, who have been trained and licensed, have exceeded the demand in the […]

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List of Bhutanese Tour Operators

To travel to Bhutan, you must book your tour through a local Bhutanese tour operator. Your tour operator will organize your trip, taking care of everything – including your Bhutanese visa, Druk Air tickets, guides, hotels, transport, permits, etc. As of August 2009, there are 377 tour operators in Bhutan registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB), […]