Chomolhari Trek – Tests and Triumphs


I won’t lie. I’m a pretty huge fan of beds, pillows, warm water, and flushing toilets. But do we really need all that. Well…. plenty of people go without it, and trekking was a good reminder of what we really need. But for now I’m happy to be back writing with a laptop in the land of electricity after a much needed six day walk in the wilderness.

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A 9-time visitor to Bhutan, Ulrike Ropler Pensionier, 61, from Germany, was making a steady climb up the hill that shoulders the summit on which Lingshi dzong stands.

She had stopped and was looking at the open wilderness of the mountains when Kuensel approached her. “The Chebisa village used to be very clean but the stream and surroundings have become dirty now,” she said.