A Night in Zhiwa Ling

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Zhiwa Ling is a fully Bhutanese owned luxury hotel in Paro. As a goodwill gesture from Zhiwa Ling, the professionals of the tourism industry (in Bhutan) were invited to spend the Saturday night (11 July) at their beautiful 45-room property in the upper reaches of the lush Paro valley. Such gestures are much appreciated. Thank you Zhiwa Ling.



Punakha is one of the lowest lying valleys in Bhutan at an elevation of 1,350m. With its temperate climate, Punakha is the market garden of the country. Produce grows year round and many Bhutanese reside here during the colder winter months. Punakha has an interesting history. It was in Punakha, the first hereditary Monarch, King Ugyen Wangchuck was enthroned on 17 December 1907. Punakha served as the winter capital till 1955 and Punakha Dzong continues to be the winter residence of the Central Monk Body.