100 Indigenous Fish in Bhutan

There are over 100 indigenous species of fish found in Bhutan out of which 52 have been identified. Officials at the Cold Water Fishery centre at Haa said they were researching the growth of different species of fish.

At the moment, the centre is collecting data on the performance and growth of fish in different rivers.

A fish diversity survey by the centre is attempting to determine what species live in which rivers as well as explore potential for sport fishing.

Karma Tenzin said such fish will be cultured and stocked at suitable places. The centre is also coming up with a project on migratory habits of fish. Construction of dams is said to have adversely affected fish migration.

“Development is necessary but it is important to find out ways to mitigate the critical problems of the migratory fish,” said Karma Tenzin.

Cold water fish are said to have more nutritional value than those found in warmer waters.

>> Original story by Bhutan Observer

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Sir am a official from the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education who recently reputed to conduct an Environemental Impact Assessment studies of the proposed Bhunakha HEP Bhutan. I require the fishery data of the country. If any one can provide these details it would be helpful to me to prepare the report

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