4 Visits to Bhutan

The unique culture and tradition, pristine environment and beautiful trekking routes make Bhutan one of the best tourist destinations in the world. But, for the Christopher family from the United Kingdom, there is more than that.

“Bhutan is very child-friendly,” said Christopher, 51, who has been visiting Bhutan for the last four consecutive years with his family. “My sons feel free and enjoy playing in Bhutan like any other Bhutanese children and people are accepting and open to the children,” said the mother, Joanne, 33. “Bhutan is a special place for family and children to be. We’d love to come back.”

The Christopher family has a special attachment to Bhutan. During a visit to Taktshang monastery, the couple met a lam and received a Bhutanese name for their son, who was then only six months in the womb. Archie is now two years old and is called Samzang (kind-hearted) while in Bhutan.

The family, by the fourth visit, had visited almost all the holy places, lhakhangs and goendeys, parks and museums and have learnt about the unique features and culture of the country. “We’ve learned a lot about your peaceful independent nation and still have more to learn in the future visits,” remarked the couple.

The couple was at the recent Mongar tshechu and later visited the Khoma Kishuthara Weaving Centre after their pilgrimage to Gomphu kora in Trashi Yangtse. “The beauty of the country, its unique culture and the openness of the people brings us back,” they said.

“We’d love to visit Bhutan in future and learn more about it,” said Christopher. Like many other tourists, this family too takes back wooden bowls, masks, textiles and etc. to their country after spending about three weeks to a month, visiting the length and breadth of the country.

The family left Bhutan on Wednesday.



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