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List of Bhutanese Tour Operators

To travel to Bhutan, you must book your tour through a local Bhutanese tour operator. Your tour operator will organize your trip, taking care of everything – including your Bhutanese visa, Druk Air tickets, guides, hotels, transport, permits, etc.

As of August 2009, there are 377 tour operators in Bhutan registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB), who are also members of the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO). Those tour operators who are registered with TCB but not with ABTO are not in this list.

We are revamping the Bhutan Tour Operators list: please register your company.

A Middle Path to Bhutan
Abbot Tours & Travels
About Bhutan Tours
Absolute Bhutan Travel
Access Bhutan
Acho Daka Tours
Adventure Bhutan
Aesthetic Bhutan Tours
Ahke Adventure Travels
Aja Tours & Treks
All Bhutan Connections
Alpine Bhutan Travel Service
Amazing Bhutan Adventures
Amitabha Tours & Treks
Arts & Travels Bhutan
Atlas Tours & treks
Atsara Bhutan
Authentic Bhutan Tours
Avifauna Tours & Treks
Back to Bhutan
Bae Yul Excursion
Bara Lynka Tours & Travels
Barma Tours
Beautiful Bhutan Tours
Bhutan Alpine Tours & Treks
Bhutan “A” Vision
Bhutan Adventure
Bhutan All seasons Tours & treks
Bhutan Amazing Tours
Bhutan Ancient
Bhutan Aries Tours
Bhutan Big Foot
Bhutan Bird Quest
Bhutan Birding & Heritage Travels
Bhutan Creative Tours
Bhutan Cultural Tourism Service
Bhutan Cultural Tours & Treks
Bhutan Cypress
Bhutan Dhenzang Travels
Bhutan Dorji Holidays
Bhutan Dragon Adventure
Inner Kingdom Discoveries
Bhutan Dukar Tours & Treks
Bhutan Eco-Expeditions
Bhutan Eco-Tours & Advent
Bhutan Eden Tours
Bhutan Encounters
Bhutan Enigma
Bhutan Everest Tours & Treks
Bhutan Evergreen Tours &Treks
Bhutan Exodus Tours
Bhutan Exotic Adventure
Bhutan Expedition
Bhutan Exploration
Bhutan Explorer
Bhutan Fest
Bhutan Festival Tours & Treks
Bhutan Footprints Travel
Bhutan Free Spirit
Bhutan Gateway
Bhutan Glory
Bhutan Happy Travels
Bhutan Highland
Bhutan Himalaya Holidays
Bhutan Himalayan Dragon Adventure
Bhutan Himalayan Excursion
Bhutan Himalayan Tourism
Bhutan Himalayan Tours
Bhutan History Expeditions to Village
Bhutan Home Adventure Tours
Bhutan Horizon
Bhutan Insight
Bhutan Jambay Tours
Bhutan Jewel Travel
Bhutan Journeys
Bhutan K.Dhen Tours & Treks
Bhutan Karma Tours
Bhutan Kaze Tours
Bhutan Khadar Tours & Treks
Bhutan Kingdom Tours & Treks
Bhutan Kuenga Laep Tours
Bhutan Kuenphen Tours
Bhutan Lakhor Tours & Travels
Bhutan Lhayul
Bhutan Lotus Tours
Bhutan Luethag Adventures
Bhutan Maitriya Tours & Treks
Bhutan Majestic Travels
Bhutan Mandala Tours
Bhutan Megalam Tours
Bhutan Menlha Adventures
Bhutan Moonlit Travellers
Bhutan Mountain Holidays
Bhutan Mystical Tours
Bhutan Nature & Culture
Bhutan Nature Expeditions
Bhutan Nature View Tours
Bhutan Neoly Tours
Bhutan Nomad Adventures
Bhutan Nomadic Tours
Bhutan Norphel
Bhutan Nyinzer Expeditions
Bhutan Off the Beaten Trek
Bhutan Orchid Adventures
Bhutan Panorama Tours
Bhutan Paradise Travels
Bhutan Peaceful
Bhutan Pedma Osel Tours
Bhutan Pelri Tours
Bhutan Pemnor Tours & Treks
Bhutan Pilgrimage Travllers
Bhutan Pinewood Tours
Bhutan Puni Gakhil Travel
Bhutan Quest
Bhutan Raven Tours
Bhutan Reisen
Bhutan Ri-La Expeditions
Bhutan Scenic Tour
Bhutan Shambala Tours
Bhutan Sherpa Tours
Bhutan Space Travel Agency
Bhutan Spiritual Tours
Bhutan Star Travel & Tours
Bhutan Sun Moon Tours
Bhutan Tafeal Tours
Bhutan Taktsang Tours
Bhutan Tantric Adventure
Bhutan Thuensum Tours & Treks
Bhutan Tourism Corporation Ltd.
Bhutan Tourism Service
Bhutan Tours & Adventures
Bhutan Tours & Travels Lvt. Ltd.
Bhutan Traditional Holiday
Bhutan Travel and Hospitality Partner
Bhutan Trails
Bhutan Travel Bureau
Bhutan Travel Connections
Bhutan Travel Planner
Bhutan Travel Service
Bhutan Travel Shop
Bhutan Travellers
Bhutan Treks & Tours
Bhutan Tripple Gem Tours
Bhutan Unique Tours
Bhutan Valley Adventures
Bhutan Vedic Tours & Treks
Bhutan View Tours & Travels
Bhutan Visit
Bhutan Wilderness Travels
Bhutan Wonderful Tours
Bhutan Yak Adventure
Bhutan Your Way
Bhutan Yuda Tours
Bhutan:Off the Beaten Path
Bjishi Expedition
Black Mountain Tours
Blue Heaven Tours
Blue Mountain Tours
Blue Poppy Tours
Bonsem Tours
Brokpa Adventures
Bumree Tours & Travels
Changse Norbu Tours
Chundu Tours
Chungdruk Tours
Classic Bhutan
Clear Path Tours & treks
Clear Voyage
Dechen Cultural
Destination Bhutan Tours
Dewa Tours & Travels
Dharma Adventures Bhutan
Dharma Tours
Diethelm Travel Bhutan
Discovery Bhutan
Divine Trails
Dondrup Tours & treks
Dragon Kingdom Adventures
Dragon Quest Adventures
Dragon Tours
Dream Adventure Travels
Druk Adventure
Druk Himalayan Expeditions
Druk Kuenchap Tours
Druk Pema Tours & Treks
Druk Thongdrel Adventure
Druk Travel Agency
Drukgyel Tours & Treks
DSB Tours
Eagle Tours
Eastern Himalayas
Eastern Horizons Adv Travel
Elite Bhutan Tour & Travels
Etho Metho Tours
Exotic Destination
Experience Bhutan
Enchanting Bhutan Adventures
Gaden Tours
Gagyel Lhundrup Tours & Treks
Gangkar Adventures & Expeditions
Gangri Tours
Gangtey Palace Expeditions
Gawaling Tours & Treks
Geo-cultural Tours
Golden langur Travel Bhutan
Golden Temple Tours & Treks
Green Tara Tours
Gyeldup Tours
Happy Holidays
Hebron Tours
Highland Voyages
Himalayan Adventure
Himalayan Bhutan Tours
Himalayan discovery
Himalayan Eco-adventure
Himalayan Yeti Tours
Himalyan Kingdom
Holiday Bhutan
Holiday Home
Holiday in Bhutan
Insiders Bhutan
International Tours
Jachung Tours
Jambayang Tours & Treks
Janah Tours
Jatsho Cultural Tours
Jeroma Tours
Jigten Tours & Treks
Joenzang Bhutan
Jojos Tours
Journey without goal
Journeys to Bhutan Tours & Travels
Kadakling Tours
Kalachakra Tours
Kamala Tours & T reks
Keys to Bhutan
Khachap Tours
Khamsa Tours
Khazhi Tours & Travel
Kibou Tours & Treks
Kiga Spiritual Journeys
Kinga Rawa Tours
Kingyal Tours
Kuenchap Tours Bhutan Travels
Kuzu Tours
KYL Yul Tours
Laya Tours
Lekzang Adventures
Lhamo Jordan Tours & Treks
Lhomen Tours
Lingkor Tours
Lotus Adventure
Luxury Division (BTCL)
Magical Bhutan Tours
Mahayana Bhutan Expeditions
Menbar Travels
Middle Path Adventure Travels
Migae Adventure
Millenium Tours & Treks
Mini Vet Tours & Treks
Miraculous Bhutan Travel
Muensel Bhutan Tours
My Bhutan Travels
Mystic Bhutan Travels
Mystic Bliss Travels
Namdra Adventures
Namgay Adventure
Namsey Tours
Nangkor Tours
Natural Bhutan Tours
Nature Tourism
Nima Tours & Treks
Nirvana Tours
Norbu Bhutan Travel
Norbugang Tours
Norda Tours
Norgay Tours & Travels
Northrung Tours & travels
Odiyan Discovery
Om Mani Tours & Travels
Oriental Tours
Pacific Travel & Tours
Palden Arts Tours
Passage to Himalayas
Pegasus Adventure
Peljor Dargay Tours
Pelwong Tours & Treks
Pema Tours & Travels
Phuensum Norgay Tours
Phuntshokling tours
Pinnacle Tours & Treks
Prayerflags Tours
Pugsam Tours & Treks
Rabden Tours & Travels
Rabphel Tours
Rabsel Tours
Rabzang Norden Tours
Rainbow Tours
Raven Tours & Treks
RCPL Bhutan Travels
Retty tours
Rinchen Tours & Treks
Rirab Tours & Treks
Sakten Tours
Sambara Travel
Samden Adventures
Samphel Norzang Excursion
Sealed Mountain Discovery
Seewang Tours & Advent
CHA-PELL Tours Treks & Adventure
Shangrila Bhutan
Sherling Tours & Treks
Silver Dragon
Sky Kingdom Adventure
Sky Travel
Smile tours & Treks
Snow Leopard
Snow Lion
Snow white
Sophun Tours
Sunrise Expeditions
Sunshine educational/Cultural Tours
Tachog Tours
Tara Tours & Travels
Tashel Key Mo Lung
Tashi Delek Adventures
Tashi Gakhil Tours
Tashi Gongphel Tours
Tashi Phuntshok Tours
Tashi Tours
The Raven’s Flight Travel & Tours
Thimphu Tours
Thoesam Tours
Thuenpa Punzhe Travels
Thunder Dragon
Tinkar Tours & travels
Tour de Bhutan
Tragopan Tours
Trails of Exotic Bhutan
Trans Himalaya Tours & Trk
Transcend Travellers
Trashi Gyaltshen Tours
Travel Au Bhutan
Travel to Bhutan
Tsachog Tours
Tsende Tours & Travels
Tsenden Travel Service
Tshering Tours & Treks
Twin Peak Travellers
Unique Bhutan Adventures
Vajra Guru Spiritual Travels
Village Tours & Travels
VV Bhutan Travels
Wangchuk Tours
Wangdue Adventure Travels
Wangyal Tours & Treks
White Lotus Tours
White Tara Tours
Wild Bhutan
Wind Horse Tours
Wisdom Tours
X-Plore Bhutan
YANA Expeditions
Yangphel Tours
Yongdrak Tours & Travels
Yudruk Tours
Yungtoed Tours & treks
Zamling Tours
Zhabdu Tours & treks
Zhidhey Bhutan Tours
Zikhor Tours
Zuki Tours & Travels

54 replies on “List of Bhutanese Tour Operators”

I am looking for the web site for Namsay adventures that I saw recommended in Trip Advisor. Thanks for your help.

Hello, I am planning on attending the 2nd International Beekeeping Congress in Thimpu August 19-21. Tashi Tours and Travel is the appointed agency. Could you please provide me with their email contact and website url if available??

Thank you!

The list of Bhutanese Tour Operators on this site is very useful.

But I want to request the web manager of this site to kindly update the websites of several tour operators. There are many lists that need to be updated with correct website address.

Thank you and hope to see an updated list at the earliest for everyone!

Dear Gelay,

Congratulations on this great website.

I went and checked the website for Diethelm Travel Bhutan and it does not have access to it though our website is working.

Dechen Penjor

Dear Webmaster,
The I would be very happy to see my company in the list as iam also registered with Tourism council of Bhutan and member of ABTO and my company details is as follows for your in formations.

Tashi Gongphel Tours
Telefax: 975-2-337388

Thanking you in advance

Dear Webmaster,
The I would be very happy to see my company in the list and my company details is as follows for your in formations.

Tashi Gongphel Tours
Telefax: 975-2-337388

Thanking you in advance

@Gelay- is it also possible to book a trip to bhutan with an international (non-bhutanese) tour operator)?

@Jules – Yes you can book a trip to Bhutan with an international (non-bhutanese) tour operator. But behind the scene, what you don’t know is that, that international tour operator is working with a local Bhutanese tour company, who is handling most things in the background. International non-Bhutanese tour operators are not allowed to run trips directly in Bhutan.

Dear sir,
please can you add my website in your site.since my company is also registered under tourism council of Bhutan and the member of ABTO.i would be grateful to you if you could kindly add my company in your site.and here is the detail of my company.

Name of company ;Back to BHUTAN,
Website ;

thank you
chimi dorji

Dear Sir,

I have notice that you have given only my company’s name in your list but no URL address. So, I would appreciate if you could kindly add my website address.

Thank you and take care!


Dear Gelay,

I was just wondering if you have seen my earlier message posted on 20 August. Incase you have missed it..this is just a reminder and I shall appreciate if you could kindly update the name and web address of my company.

Thanking you


Tashi Namgay

Dear Sir/ Madam
We, Snowy Horizon Treks and Expedition are one of the Pioneer Tour, Travel and Trekking Company in Nepal Basic and operate all kind of tour and adventure Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We will really appreciate if you can list our website against our company name Snowy Horizon Treks and Expedition.

Thank you for your kind co-operation.
Warm regards
Rishi Bhandari

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