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Consecration Ceremonies of the Gangteng Sang Ngak Choling

The restoration work on the 395 year old Gangteng Sang Ngak Choling (popularly known as the Gangtey Goenpa) in Phobjikha valley has been completed, and an elaborate ceremonies for the consecration of the monastery has been planned.

Program of the Ceremonies and Festival of Celebration for the Consecration of the Restored Gangteng Sang Ngak Choling, a grand temple of this auspicious medicinal land.

  1. 29 September to 9 October, 2008: 11 days Drubchen and preparation of blessed medicine by the general assembly of lamas and monks.
  2. 9 October (Morning): Public blessings and concluding fire puja ceremony of the Drubchen.
  3. 9 October (Evening): Wrathful Guru fire dance and ritual to remove obstacles for the consecration.
  4. 10 October: For 1 day, the main outer and inner consecration ceremony of the grand temple when auspicious blessings will shower down on all.
  5. 11 to 17 October: 1 week of festivities and celebration of the auspicious occasion of the consecration of the temple with an exhibition of a variety of Bhutanese customs and dances.
  6. 18 October: The auspicious consectarion ceremony will  be concluded with a long life empowerment for the public followed by a Khandu Tenzhu ceremony for the long life and well being of Rinpoche, and a Ku Sung Thukten mandala offering for Rinpoche by his followers, devotees and patrons.

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