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Freak Accident at the Taktsang – Tourist Survives

A 17 year old boy fell off the Taktsang cliff on the 24th of May suffering multiple injuries. Doctors say he is out of danger but the magnitude of the injury can be confirmed only after a CT scan.

Anish Kanoria, the victim, had gone to Taktsang with his family and the Young President Organisation, a group from India.

While returning, Anish and his friends left the team and walked faster to reach the base. Despite repeated requests from the guide to stay with the group, the boys ran ahead and left the team behind, sources said. However, mid-way, the boys decided to take a short cut which led to a cliff end, forcing them to return to the main route. While returning, Anish slipped over a stone and fell over the cliff.

It took the rescue team (consisting of the Bhutan Army, Police, Govt. officials, doctors and IMTRAT) 6 hours to get Anish safely back to the base.

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