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Free Thai Visa for Tourists

In an effort to lure visitors, the Thailand government is exempting the tourist visa fee for foreign nationals including Bhutanese visiting Thailand.

For the Bhutanese, the exemption of Nu 1,250 includes people visiting Thailand for medical reasons for less than 2 months. However, Bhutanese traveling to Thailand for official visits, studies, and training, seminars and conferences will still have to pay the Nu 2,500 non-immigrant visa fee. The transit visa fee will also still apply.

An official from the Royal Thai Consulate in Thimphu said that the exemption would be for 3 months, from March 5 to June 4. However, there will be no change in the process of application for visa. “The move was to boost tourism,” said the official.

Around 100 Bhutanese travel to Thailand every month for vacations, business, and studies.

Meanwhile, it is undecided whether the process would continue after 4 June.



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