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High-end Indian Tourist to Visit Bhutan

In what should inject some rupees into the local economy, upwards of 3,000 high-end Indian tourists will be visiting Bhutan between May and July, as part of the Druk Air’s marketing collaboration with two online Indian tour companies.

A first group of 114 Indian tourists is expected today, as part of Druk Air’s partnering with the online travel agency, Make My Trip. They arrive on a chartered flight from the port city of Mumbai on a seven-day holiday package.

A further seven chartered flights will be carried out until June end.

Druk Air commercial manager Tshering Penjore said the airline is expecting to fly, in and out, up to 1,000 Indian tourists from Mumbai. He added that Make My Trip has also booked about 3,000 seats for the Kolkata and New Delhi sector.

Druk Air and Make My Trip conducted the same partnership last year, as part of a pilot project.

As a result of the pilot and marketing results being experienced in Mumbai, Druk Air will commence scheduled flights to the city starting September. Tshering Penjore said the airline is expecting its third airbus jet in August.

In partnership with, another online travel service provider, Druk Air will also be flying in and out 60 Indian tourists every week from May until July end. These tourists will primarily be flying in from New Delhi.

Tshering Penjore said that, once the third airbus is available, chartered flights to Bangalore will also be conducted, which will be followed by scheduled flights some time next year.

Druk Air will also be flying up to seven chartered flights to Tokyo, Japan this year as a result of increased interest in visiting Bhutan.

Tshering Penjore also pointed out that Druk Air would most likely be conducting chartered flights to South Korea in December, as well.

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