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Information For International Media During the Coronation

In order to provide easy and timely access by other broadcasters to BBS footage, Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) will make live coverage of the Coronation on 6, 7 and 8 November 2008, available for free through BBS satellite channel to all other interested broadcasters for use in their news and programs within 48 hours of the event.

All interested broadcasters are requested to contact BBS by email to:


to receive BBS satellite parameters and a copy of BBS licensing terms. The email should be sent to both these email addresses. It may be noted that BBS is available via satellite in most Asian countries, from Turkey in the west and to Indonesia in the east. Broadcasters located outside the satellite footprint are requested to arrange to access BBS live broadcast through one of their regional presences within the satellite footprint.

BBS is making this arrangement to facilitate matters for both the international media as well as BBS.

With this arrangement in place, BBS expects that there will be no immediate requests for footage from the international media when they are in Bhutan, as it will be extremely difficult for BBS to provide such footage. BBS will be able to entertain requests for additional footage for uses other than news and programs within the specified 48 hours, only after the Coronation celebrations and this will be subject to their(BBS) normal commercial terms.

BBS would request also request all broadcasters who use their footage to provide them a copy of their coverage for our record.

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