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Japanese Tourists Top Visitors List to Bhutan

Among international arrivals Japanese were the dominant visitors in the first seven months of this year according to records maintained by the secretariat of the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

As of July this year, 3,923 Japanese tourists had arrived in the country. Within the same period 2,561 American tourists had visited.

Tourist arrival in Bhutan, 2013 (as of July)

  1. Japan: 3923
  2. USA: 2561
  3. China: 1847
  4. Thailand: 1825
  5. UK: 1073
  6. Germany: 1031
  7. Australia: 819
  8. France: 699
  9. Singapore: 670
  10. Taiwan: 544

The council secretariat and tour operators are confident that this year Japanese tourists would exceed American tourists as the number one visitor.

This increase is attributed to the Royal Couple’s visit to Japan last year, followed by the prime minister’s visit.

“The Royal visit generated enormous publicity for the country,” the secretariat’s media spokesperson, Damcho Rinzin, said. “In the same year, we also carried out promotion and marketing activities in Japan.”

Last year, 3,943 Japanese tourists visited the country against 6,226 tourists from America, the two highest arrivals.

Etho Metho tour and trek’s director, Sangay Wangchuk, said they were expecting a doubling in Japanese arrivals this year. “We already have had more than 300 Japanese tourists, while last year we hosted less than 100.”

Tourist arrivals from China also saw a record increase last year with 2,896, making it the third biggest group visiting Bhutan, and surpassing major markets like UK and Germany. Until July this year, tourist arrivals from China stood at 1,847.

Thais are the next dominant group visiting Bhutan, 1,825 as of July this year, followed by UK, Germany, Australia, France, Singapore, and Taiwan.

The increase in arrivals from neighbouring Asian countries is seen as an advantage, especially keeping in mind the initiative to make Bhutan a year-round tourist destination, which started looking up since last year.

“Most Asians tend to travel in summer to escape the heat, so we have to design tour pack- ages accordingly,” a tour operator said. “Over the years, we’ve witnessed an increase from Asia, which is a positive sign.”

Meanwhile, 32,662 regional tourists visited the country until July this year, while last year’s arrival stood at 53,223. Visitors from India, Bangladesh and Maldives are referred to as regional tourists. The regional tourists are exempt from the minimum daily tariff and do not require visas.

A majority of the regional tourists consists of visitors from India.

Regional tourists, who come in by air, are considered high-end, owing to their contribution to tourism through airline earnings. The high-end tourists arrival has also been increasing every year, according to secretariat officials.

“Of the 32,662 regional tourists until July, a majority of them had flown in,” the council’s media spokesperson said. The council’s target for this year is to bring in 100,000 high- end tourists. The total international tourist arrival, as of July this year, stands at 25,799.


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