List of Holidays in Bhutan – 2009

When you are planning your trip to Bhutan, it is a good idea to be aware of the Bhutanese national holidays. On these holidays, all the government offices and institutions are closed. Which means all the museums, banks, etc. are closed. But the good thing about these holidays is that since most of these holidays are religious holidays, there is always something happening in the dzongs and the temples and monasteries. It is a good opportunity to see the religion playing a big role in the daily lives of the people.

List of National Holidays for the Earth Female Ox Year, 2009

  • This list of holidays is the National list. Some districts may have additional holidays.
Festival Dates (2009)
Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the King 21 – 23 February
Losar, Earth Female Ox Year 25 – 26 February
Birth Anniversary of the 3rd Druk Gyalpo 2 May
Death Anniversary of Zhabdrung (Zhabdrung Kuchoe) 4 May
Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana 7 June
Birth Anniversary of Guru Rinpoche 2 July
First Sermon of Lord Buddha 25 July
Thimphu Drubchhen(Thimphu Only) 24 September
Dasain 28 September
Thimphu Tshechu(Thimphu Only) 28 – 30 September
Coronation Day of the Druk Gyalpo 6 November
Descending Day of Lord Buddha 9 November
Birth Anniversary of the 4th Druk Gyalpo and Constitution Day 11 November
National Day 17 December

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