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Bhutan’s Extraordinary Wall Paintings

Bhutan has paintings that are exquisite in quality and technically sophisticated, according to experts, who also said that the paintings that date back from the 16th to 19th centuries, were largely unknown and unrecorded in the west.

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Bhutanese Penis Fascinates Westerners

Penises painted on houses or suspended from rooftops in Bhutan are larger than humans.

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Aum Jashemaam and Archery

Since ancient times, she has been revered and worshipped by the archers and the locals of Changzamtog. Now, even soccer players, volleyball players or basketball players join archers to seek her divine intervention to help win games.

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Commercialize Culture?

Thankas (painted scrolls) as wall decorations, religious figures on calendars and T-shirts, and düngs (religious trumpets) as door handles — Bhutanese religious artifacts have found novel functions today.