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Zhongar Dzong’s Facelift Halted

A project to give a facelift to the ruins of Zhongar Dzong in Mongar so that it becomes a tourist site has been stopped with funds running out. The ruins of the Dzong, with its Utse (central tower) still standing, can be seen from the Mongar – Trashigang highway standing on a hillock between Lingmithang […]

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The Village Hostess

For the last 13 years, Jordhen has been entertaining guests in her old two-storied traditional house in Bangbangla village in Gongdue Gewog, Mongar. Her work is to feed guests coming to the Gewog, and also provide shelter, if they choose to stay at her house. Jordhen is the village’s Tosop, a responsibility given by the […]