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Tenda Tshechu of Bumthang Kharchu

About 26 different festivals are held in Bumthang every year. The Tenda Tshechu of Kharchu Dratshang is one of them. It is one of the most auspicious and unique festivals in Bumthanhg.

The Tshechu is held once every three years coinciding with the Birth Anniversary of Guru Rinpoche, which is on the 10th day of the 2nd Bhutanese lunar month.

Our reporter, Pema Lhaden, says hundreds of devotees dressed in their best attire packed the courtyard of the Kharchu Dratshang.

According to Khenpo Dorji of the Kharchu Dratshang, Phurpai Cham and Tenda Tshechu Cham are the highlights of the Tshechu. The Phurpai Cham was instituted by Guru Rinpoche in Tibet many centuries ago. Tenda Tshechu Cham was instituted by Terton Guru Tshewang.

The five-day Tshechu ended on the 6th of April with the unfurling of Guru Thongdrel. Namkhai Nyinpo Rinpoche also administered Kawang to the people.

Karchu Dratshang was established in 1981 and has over 400 monks.

Original story by BBS.

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