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Trongsa Museum – Popular Attraction in Trongsa

Jerome Oregan and Alison Dyer is a couple from South Africa. This is the first time they are visiting Bhutan. They sit near the Taa Dzong (which houses the Museum of Monarchy) in Trongsa and watch birds before they begin their tour of the Museum. Jerome and Alison are here for few days. Like them there are many tourists visiting the museum ever since it was started in 2008. It has become one of the popular tourist destinations in Trongsa.

The Museum of Monarchy – Trongsa

According to records, about 30,000 people have visited the Trongsa Museum (Museum of Monarchy) so far. More than 18,000 were tourists. The rest were locals, students and officials.

Our reporter, Tenzin Rabgye, says the Trongsa Museum houses many artifacts related to the Wangchuck Dynasty. The museum sees up to 200 tourists a day during the peak tourist seasons.

“We think it’s a lovely museum, very clear and it’s a very good introduction for foreigners. It’s fantastic to see the objects that are so revered by the locals so beautifully displayed,” says Jerome Oregan.

Alison Dyer says: “I found it very interesting, it was easier to see in the Museum close up some of the statues of the Buddha and Gods which we knew of but, you can’t always see closely in the temples.”

So far, the Trongsa Museum has generated about Nu. 5 million since 2008. The Museum will be extended and more relics will be displayed by the end of this year.

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