Attractions in Bumthang

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Bumthang, considered by the Bhutanese as the spiritual heartland of Bhutan, has some of the most ancient and precious Buddhist sites. The age-old indegenious traditions are very much alive, and it is a unique example of original Himalayan culture which adds to the number of distinctive priceless assets of Bhutan. Bumthang is a must-vist destination if you have a week in Bhutan.

No Golf Course for Bumthang

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The proposal to build a golf course in Ura, Bumthang, has been rejected by the government.

The golf course has been rejected on grounds that it would affect community grazing activity in Shingkhar, and the water supply of a hydropower unit in Ura. A government agency found that almost the entire golf course would be located on wetland, once completed. A ministry of agriculture and forests notification issued earlier this year stipulated that natural wetland would be protected.